Termite Control Services

Termite Control Service:

Termite control is more important than other pest control. Every year, termites cause hundreds of millions of rupees of financial loss. Termites are found almost everywhere, they eat money, paper, clothes and many other things. Our expert staff is well versed in termite control. They discuss where bookworms are, how they got there, and how to control them. Our wee pest control will keep your home safe.

Ways to get rid of termites:

How to Get Rid of Weevils To know how to control weevils, we need to have some basic knowledge about them.

What is a termite:

Termites are small soft-bodied insects that live in vast colonies. They live in mud mounds made of simple cement. They cause damage by eating trees and wooden furniture Termites are also called white ants, although they are not closely related to ants.

What termites eat:

Termites feed on material containing cellulose. Their diet varies by species. Depending on the species, the beetle may ingest dead plants as well as building materials such as carpet insulation and wallpaper, plastic fabrics, and animal feces.

How to identify termites in your home:

Termites damage homes as they destroy furniture, doors, clothes, important papers and other valuables. Early detection of these exposures can help homeowners save their homes from problems. Flying termites damage wood. Termites can be identified by shelter tubes.

How to identify the extent of the damage:

Termites cause many types of damage to homes. Wood termites live in moist tropical water bodies and nest within the wood. Noran and satse works that touch the wood are more likely to cause termite damage. Termites cannot live in the open so they build galleries outside the wood. Check and tap any part of the furniture with a screw diver, even if it is in condition. Foundation walls are the base love express fair atique’s and they are perfect places to find termites. They can travel horizontally or vertically along flat surfaces.

Termite control:

Contact us today to control termites and prevent damage to your furniture. We control termites with the latest technology and methods and a 5 years guarantee.

Package 1

2000 Starting Price
  • 1 Bed Room

Package 2

4000 Starting Price
  • 2 Bed Room
  • Drawing+Dining
  • Kitchen

Package 3

5000 Starting Price
  • 3 Bed Room
  • Drawing+Daining
  • Kitchen

Package 4

6000 Starting Price
  • 4 Bed Room
  • Drawing+Daining
  • Kitchen

Package 5

Negotiable Starting Price
  • Commercial Building
  • Office, Warehouse
  • Factory

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